Via di Tor Millina, 35
00186 Rome, Italy
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Navona My Home

In front of the Loggia del Bramante, behind Piazza Navona, a few minutes from Campo dei Fiori, the Pantheon, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Tiber river, and surrounded by the historic lively streets of Rome, where restaurants and businesses alternate with boutiques, traditional stores and antique dealers, you’ll find NavonaMyHome.

Every corner speaks of art, culture, and millennial beauty: the works of Borromini, Bramante, Caravaggio and Bernini are just a few meters away.

Housed in a nineteenth-century building, overlooking the Loggia del Bramante, this new reality of three luxury rooms in Rome is the landing point of an experience of eight years of B&B, preceded by decades of professional experience in the field of luxury interior design. Alessandra, the hostess, wanted to create a “house in the house”, where guests can feel the pulse of a discreet but warm welcome, with the person at the centre; where every attention towards guests speaks from the culture of hospitality that the owner has had for generations within her.

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Via di Tor Millina, 35

00186 Roma


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